This is a spin off series to the Wizards of Waverly place series, although it features only three episodes the finale is one hour long. The season was shot from January 5th - January 20th 2013 and aired from September 20th - October 4th 2013 as part of Disney Channel's Blast from the Past.


Selena Gomez as Alex Russo

David Henrie as Justin Russo

Jake T Austin as Max Russo

Jennifer Stone as Harper Finkle

Gregg Sulkin as Mason Greybeck

David Deluise as Jerry Russo

John Rubinstein as Gorog

Maria Canels Barbera as Theresa Russo


1.1 - Destination: WizTech

Airdate - September 20th 2013

Plot - The clan visit Justin at WizTech and they discover Wizards are disappearing.

Viewers - 5.2 Million

1.2 - Lost

Airdate - September 27th 2013

Plot - Harper, Mason, Jerry and Theresa disappear and Alex discovers Gorog is behind it, but before she can tell her brothers she is hit over the head.

Viewers - 4.9 Million

1.3 - Gorog's Revenge

Airdate - October 4th 2013

Plot - Alex wakes up locked in a dungeon with her siblings, friend and boyfriend, Gorog explains his evil plan to rid the world of wizards, can the Russo's escape in time to stop him?

Viewers - 6.1 Million

Note: This was the series finale and was one hour long