The suite life of Zack and Cody continues with Bailey and Woody as new characters.

Dylan and Cole Sprouse

Brenda Song

Debby Ryan

Ashely Tisdale

Kim Rhodes

Phil Lewis

Matthew Timmons

Doc Shaw

Zoey Dutch

Episode GuideEdit

0.1 Back at the tipton

Airdate: October,14, 2011

Prod. Code: 401

Director: Rich Correll

Plot:Zack,Cody,London,Bailey and Woody all walk into the Tipton hotel and London starts kissing the carpet.London shows Bailey her suite,Bailey sleeps in London's suite now and London shows Bailey a big and purple bed.Woody moves in with Zack and Cody.The tipton hotel is closing because of the S.S TIPTON and Zack and Cody have to help save the tipton.

Guest stars:Ginette Rhodes as Bailey's mother

0.2.Splits Ville



Director:Rich Correll

Guest stars: Vincent Martella as Jonny

Plot:Bailey did some decorating on her second day at the tipton and London does not like all the posters blocking everything in her room,so London and Bailey draw a line of their side of the suite.Zack and Cody have a cousin Jonny coming over who does nothing but eat,sleep and play video games.Meanwhile Bailey moves out.At the end of the episode Bailey comes back.