The Warrior Team is an American animated television series. The show consists of three seasons, with 85 episodes. It aired from 2010 to 2013.


The series follows a teenage boy, Aaron Jones, who is homeless after his parents were supposedly killed by his archnemesis, Dr. Eviller. Then, he, along with his high school friends, Zoey, Corey, Dan (Aaron's then stepbrother) and Alyssa, and Dan's little brother, Timmy, discover an underground lair that used to be run by a team of superheroes many years ago, and find out that they've been chosen as the new heroes. So, Aaron, Zoey, Corey, Dan, Alyssa and Timmy become a new superhero team, "The Warrior Team". Also, Aaron becomes the team's leader and gets a crystal that creates an armor full of weapons necessary for battle. So, "The Warrior Team" faces a lot of adventures, fight some enemies, like Dr. Eviller, and embark on a quest to find the legendary Crystals of Power, that are said to have mysterious powers before any evil force can use them for the evil purposes. In addition to fighting evil forces and searching for the Crystals of Power, The Warrior Team must also keep their job as a superhero team a secret.


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