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The Team is the first episode of the series "Cosmic Defense".


Hamsterviel is back with a new plan. Lilo devides the most powerful experiments in groups by three. One of the newest groups is "GENE" - Angel, Holio and Kixx are going to their new home and there they see a welcome party where team captains Angel and Slushy argumented and the new team now had a rival team - Frosty. Then a Leroy group of 459 atacked a nearby planet. Gene and some experiments from the party went to help the planet.

Experiments mentionedEdit

Fibber (032)

Hammerface (033)

Bonnie (149)

Clyde (150)

Nosy (199)

Sparky (221)

Spooky (300)

Slushy (523)

Digger (529)

Splodyhead (619)