The Suite Life of Jack and Cory


The Suite Life of Jack & Cory is a spinoff series of The Suite Life On Deck. It stars Zack and Cody's sons Jack and Cory as they adventure around the S.S. Tipton.

Main CastEdit

  • ??? as Jack Martin - The son of Cody Martin and Bailey Pickett. 10-11 years old.
  • ??? as Cory Martin - The son of Zack Martin and Maya Bennett. 10-11 years old.
  • ??? as Little London - The daughter of London Tipton and an unknown father. 11-12 years old.
  • ??? as Carl Fink - The son of Woody Fink and an unknown mother. 10-11 years old.
  • ??? as Reese Little - The son of Marcus Little and an unkown mother. 11-12 years old.
  • ??? as Kaitlyn - The daughter of an unkown mother and father, and love interest of Jack. 10-11 years old.
  • Phill Lewis as Marion Moseby - Still the manager of the S.S. Tipton. 40-50 years old.

Guest StarsEdit

  • ??? as Uncle Steve Pickett - Bailey's brother. 50-60 years old.
  • Dylan Sprouse as Zack Martin - Cory's dad. 30-40 years old.
  • Cole Sprouse as Cody Martin - Jack's dad. 30-40 years old.
  • Debby Ryan as Bailey Martin - Jack's mom. 30-40 years old.
  • Zoey Deutch as Maya Martin - Cory's mom. 30-40 years old.
  • ??? as Annabelle Rite - Jack, Cory, London, Carl, Reese and Kaitlyn's teacher. 40-50 years old.


Season 1Edit

  • Eps. 101: Living the Suite Life - Jack, Cory and their four friends (London, Carl, Reese, Kaitlyn) are invited on the S.S. Tipton by Jack's Uncle Steve. Hour special.
  • Eps. 102: Land Ho! - Once arriving in Africa, London and Carl get lost minutes before the boat must leave.
  • Eps. 103: Dates - Cory tries to get Jack to date Kaitlyn.
  • Eps. 104: Mrs. Annabelle - School starts back up, so the kids go to the Seven Seas High and meet their teacher.
  • Eps. 105: More Dates - Kaitlyn and Reese try to get Mr. Moseby and Ms. Rite together.
  • Eps. 106: Planes and Pains - London stows away on a plane.
  • Eps. 107: No Shows - The kids are cast in a school play.
  • Eps. 108: Dad on Deck - Zack and Cody return to the Tipton.
  • Eps. 109: No Place Like Home Part 1 - Ms. Rite wants to leave the ship. Hour special.
  • Eps. 110: No Place Like Home Part 2 - The kids attempt to convince Ms. Rite to stay. Hour special.

Season 2Edit

  • Eps. 2??: Teacher's Pet - Jack and Kaitlyn attempt to find Ronald the Rat before Ms. Rite finds out he's missing.
  • Eps. 2??: Tipped off the Tipton - TBA
  • Eps. 2??: Sibling Rivalry - TBA
  • Eps. 2??: Fall Back - TBA
  • Eps. 210: Snow Show - TBA

Season 3Edit

  • Eps. 3??: Spring Forward - TBA

Theme SongEdit

Same as Suite Life On Deck.