The Johnson show is about a family from Manhattan New York and friends and family try to live everyday life.

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Hutch Dano as Micheal Johnson

Matt Shively as Clyde MCcray

Debby Ryan as Katie Jonhson/Katie's imagineary friend

Dylan and Cole Sprouse as Tyler and James Finster

Zoey Deutch as Carly Smith

Bella Thorone as Marissa Smith

Jake.T.Austin as Tommy (Thomas) Jonhson

Daniel Curtis Lee as James Austin

Bridget Mendler as Samatha (Sam) Finster

Bradley Steven Perry as Cookie Johnson

Selena Gomez as Maya Adams

Mitchell Musso as JO JO Adams

Guest starsEdit

Miranda Cosgrove as Mindy Crikshank

Jenette MCcurdy as Brittany Williams

Matthew Timmons as Archy Adams

Vincent Martella as Ned

Doc Shaw as Samson Sulkin

Kyle Massy as Kyle Sulkin

Kelsey Chow as Hope Jones

Jason Earls as Jonathan Jones

David DeLuise as David Jonhson (dad)

Kim Rhodes as Leah Jonhson (mom)

Emily Osmen as Julie Finster

Miley Cyrus as Herself/Hannah Montannah

Billy Ray Cyrys as Himself

Zendaya Coleman as Wendy Foreman

Davis Cleveland as Boo

Mari'a Canals Barrera as Aunt Lilian

Tyler James Willams as Dan Sulkin

Mia Talerico as Maggie Johnson (Seasons 2-5)

Episode GuideEditEdit

Season 1Edit

01. The pilot

Airdate:Augast 17 2007

Prode code:101

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:A new family from Ohio moves into New York city and go to a school called Manhatten high.The main character Micheal makes two new friends Clyde and James,Katie makes some new friends to.But when there's a field trip,everyone wants to leave Micheal out of it.

Note:Not the hole cast is in this episode

02.Little brother

Airdate:Augast 18 2007

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:This episode starts out Cookies is running and Katie is chasing him,When they get caught Katie is the one who gets in trouble,Then Cookie puts kitty litter in Micheal's chicken soup and Micheal get blamed for eating it,Then Cookie puts spiders in the shower and when David takes a shower and spider come out and their dad gets in trouble for taking a shower with spiders.Kaite tries to pull a prank on Cookie to finally get him in trouble.At the end of the episode Cookie still does'nt get in trouble.

Guest stars: Kim Rhodes as Leah Jonhson,David Deluise as David Johnson

Welcomes:Bradley Steven Perry as Cookie Johnson

03.The popular kids

Airdate:Augast 19 2007

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:Katie is jealous and wants to be like all the popular kids espically Maya.Meanwhile Micheal and Archy get stuck on an elevator for 2 days.Katie meets a new friend named Julie and they become best friends.

Guest stars:Matthew Timmons as Archy

Welcome:Selena Gomez as Maya

04.My Job is a stinker part 1

Airdate:September 1 2007

Director:Phil Lewis

Plot:Micheal needs an allowance so he can buy a new video game system for $9305 when he thinks his dad is going to give him the money,So he has no choice but to work at a new video game store that opended.Meanwhile Katie goes against Julie in a spelling bee.

05.My job is a stinker part 2

Airdate:September 2 2007

Director:Phil Lewis

Plot:Micheal has worked for a week now and still has'nt gotten $9605 for his pay check.Meanwhile whn Katie gets a bad grade she find out she'll fail the 7th grade,So Katie tells the teacher if she can get and chance to do the spelling bee and she wins.Micheal only gets a $100 sallery every week,so he keeps the job to earn more money.

06.Double trouble!

Airdate:September 8 2007

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:A new familly moves into New York and their are two twins named Tyler and James Finster who like getting people in trouble Cookie likes their sister all though she is older than him.Meanwhile Micheal is scared of a new kid across the street named Boo.

Welcomes:Dylan and Cole Sprouse as Tyler and James Finster Bridget Mendler as Sam Finster

07.My sister's a keeper

Airdate:September 21 2007

Director:Phil Lewis

Plot:Cookie starts to like Sam and knows he is too young to date anyone,he tries to take advice from Micheal (who does'nt know anything about girls) and tries to tell lies,(saying mean things) when Cookie told Sam all thoose things she stomped on his foot.

Absent:Debby Ryan as Katie Johnson and Jake.T.Austin as Tommy Jonhson

08. The show on on......

Airdate:September 25 2007

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:Katie has a play about Peter Pan and she gets the part of Tinker Bell,but when nobody else wants the part she will have to do all the parts at the same time.Meanwhile Cookie gets stuck on an upside-down roller coster.

09. Happy birthday Katie! (Aka Lucky 13th)

Airdate:October 1 2007

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:Katie's 13th birthday is happening and her birthday wish is to get a new bed,because she has had the same bed since she was 10 and she needs a bigger one.When she gets an ear infection from Archy she can't have her birthday party.When she gets better she gets a bed to be sick in.

10.Mindy is a warewolf

Airdate:October 5 2007

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:Micheal starts to think that Mindy in the lower grade is a warewolf because of her eating,she likes chewing on jackets,and saying "Hi" to everyone at the school.But it turns out thay Mindy was rehersing her part of a play around the scool.

Absent:Debby Ryan as Katie Jake.T.Austin as Tommy

11.Tommy Johnson and the grate grey thing

Airdate:October 9 2007

Director:Phil Lewis

Plot:Tommy see's something grey in the living room and he gathers Brittany and Archy to help him find it.When he find out what it was it was time for bed,Tommy then gets out of bed and see's it was just a shoe in the living room.Tommy then gets back in bed and falls asleep.

Absent:Debby Ryan as Katie Hutch Dano as Katie Cole and Dylan Sprouse as Tyler and James Williams

Note: This episode is only 12 minutes long

Note:There are only 4 cast in this episode

Note:This episode is simialar to the pilot episode of Rugrats Tommy Pickles and the great white thing.

12.Halloween time

Airdate:October 20 2007

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:James Austin throws a halloween party and wants everyone invited,Meanwhile when Micheal wants to come to the halloween party,two street people thretin to choke him or remove his clothes and take pictures and he did it(He removed his clothes).Katie teams up with all the other little sister's to scare all the older brothers in the neibor hood.

Guest stars:Jason Dolley

13.Belch yourself

Airdate:October 24 2007

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:Micheal and James (James Austin) are having a burping contest while Katie sits there a suffures,Micheal thinks girls don't burp,so Micheal and Katie have a burping contest.Meanwhile Carly and Marissa baby sit 2 toddlers and 4 kindergardeners.

Welcomes: Bella Throne as Carly Smith Zoey Deutch as Marissa Smith

14.Micheal...has a girl friend!

Airdate:October 31 2007

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:Micheal gets a new girlfriend who really trying to play a trick on him.Who is Hope and he wanted to see Micheal cry.Meanwhile Katie steals $5 from David (dad)

15.My first phone

Airdate:November 3 2007

Director: Adam Weissman

Plot:Katie thinks because she is now 13 she can finally get her first cell phone,her mom and dad say its a big responcibilty and that if she lost it she is not getting a new one.Micheal finally gets the money for his video game system.

16.Late for school

Airdate:November 26 2007

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:When the kids get ready to go to school the bus breaks down.Meanwhile Katie blows up the bus Micheal is in.Archy steals a pinyate.

17.Christmas vacation

Airdate:December 3 2007

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:Everyone is getting ready for christmas.Archy earns money by being Santa Clause.All the houses are Frozen and everyone has no time to get presents until Archy comes and gets everyone presents.

18.New years eve!

Airdate:January 1 2008

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:Its new years day and Micheal wants to proform a fire cracker stunt with him tapped to it.Sometime during christmas Archy got stuck in the fire place,Katie and her mom and dad try and help him.

19.The Plain White T's

Airdate:January 5 2008

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:Katie gets the Plain White T's to play in New York,When Micheal finds out he wears Plain White T's Shirts,Pants,Shoes,sock and under garments.Meanwhile Archy is still stuck in the fire place.

Guest stars:The Plain White T's

Song sang:Our time now

20.Boys on a mission

Airdate:January 20 2008

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:Tommy and Cookie discover ghost sneaking into their house.

Note:This episode is only 12 minutes.

21.The big news

Airdate:Febuary 15 2008

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:Leah the mom of the Johnson family just came back from the hospital with big news.She was going to have a baby girl.And that means Cookie has to give up his room and sleep with his older brother Tommy.And Katie fears with a new baby girl she will not be "Dady's little girl".Micheal has a dream of the new baby,

Note:The new baby does not come on this episode.

22.Mall shopping and Hannah Montanna.

Airdate:Feburary 20 2008

Director:Phil Lewis

Plot:Leah is going baby shopping for some clothes at the mall.While Katie and Cookie find Hannah Montanna the mall.

Guest stars:Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montanna

23.Baby fear

Airdate:March 5 2008

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:Katie has a big fear about not being the only girl anymore so Katie tricks her mom into thinking she just has a stomatch ache and is not having a baby.Meanwhile Archy gets paid by eating gum.

Guest star:Matthew Timmons as Archy

24.Aunt Lilian

Airdate:March 16 2008

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:Because of the new baby the kids Aunt Lilian Johnson has came to visit them.Meanwhile Archy starts to eat healthy.

Guest stars:Matthew Timmons as Archy

25.The baby shower

Airdate:March 29 2008

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:Katie is forced to go to her mom's baby shower.Meanwhile James and Tyler and Micheal and James have a race.

26.The Prom

Airdate:April 19 2008

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:To get the hole baby thing off of Micheal's mind he goes to the prom.Although he does'nt go with anyone.Katie joins a cooking show.


Airdate:May 15 2008

Director:Phil Lewis

Plot:Katie and Cookie star in a Brodway play to earn some money.Meanwhile Micheal and Leah try to spend some mother and son time together.

28.Trick or treat in june!

Airdate:June 5 2008

Director:Phil Lewis

Plot:Katie is tired of all theese baby things so she puts a stop to it,she says when her mom was asleep at night the baby was born and playing hide and seek.Micheal and Archy try to find dates.


Airdate:June 18 2008

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:Katie finds a new hobby about recycle and we she really start to like it people think she's weird and people start beating her up.

30.The fourth of July

Airdate:July 4 2008

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:Its the fourth of july and the family has a cook out and a swimming pool.Micheal and Katie have to go to the store and buy some hamburgers and hot dogs for the family.

31.The babie's here!

Airdate:September 20 2008

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:The baby is finally ready to come and Leah is the only one excited and nervous.Katie feels like she is going to be jealous of the new baby.Cookie is mad about sharing a room with Tommy and Micheal does'nt want anything to do with the new baby.Micheal goes over Clyde's house because he thinks he won't care about the baby.Katie Cookie Tommy and David come along to the hospital.Katie thinks a puppy would be alot better.When Micheal knows this baby is important to everyone he runs to the hospital.When the baby is born Katie relizes she did'nt remeber what a baby looked like at all.And then she named the baby Maggie.

Season 2Edit

Notes:Mia Talerico is now apart of the cast.

32.What a baby....

Airdate:September 26 2008

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:The family finally heads home and the Maggie has been crying ever since they came home.First everything she ate she threw at her dad.Second she could break out of her playpen everytime her mom put her in it.Third she trasshed everything in Micheal's.The hole family started crying then Katie tried to put a stop to it but then Maggie tweaks Katie's nose and she starts crying to.Until Clyde take Maggie for a week and she is well trained.


Airdate:September 30 2008

Director:Phil Lewis

Plot:Katie has had to change 14 diapers that Maggie has and she is the only one without plans.Cookie and Tommy put Maggie and Katie in a small room where they have to get along.Then they do.

34.Culture Shock

Airdate:October 2 2008

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:Clyde and Katie tape a talent show for the school to earn money for kids from other schools.Meanwhile Micheal enters a lying contest.

35.Girl Jokes

Airdate:October 4 2008

Director:Phil Lewis

Plot:Micheal needs a talent.So he joins the school's comedian club,Meanwhile Katie and Julie meet Hannah Montanna again.Micheal starts to make bad jokes about girls,until he ended up in a 10.6 long and 10.3 wide. fish tank filled with water.

36.My babies your baby

Airdate:October 11 2008

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:When Katie has to take Maggie to school with her Katie decides to skip so Maggie would'nt get lost.Because of carrying Maggie around all day people start to think she is a mother and give her all kids of special treatments.

Note:Debby Ryan and Mia Talerico have mostly to do with this episode.

Big birthday weekend!

37.Rembering Katie

Airdate:October 18 2008

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:Katie is turning 14 and she knows she is growing up.Her birthday party is being made and she looks at child hood photo albums.

Guest stars:Genevieve Hannelius as Katie Johnson (younger) Leo Howard as Micheal Johnson (younger)

38.A birthday for a micheal

Airdate:October 20 2008

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:Micheal makes a surprise birthday party for him and his friends but only one person shows up.

(Birthday week is over)

39.Tales of a missing binky

Airdate:October 21 2008

Director:Rich Corell

Plot:Maggie looses her binky