Episode 2 of The Johnson Show Transcript.


Katie:Get back here you little freak!

Mom:Hey,Hey,Hey what's going on?

Katie:Mom this time Harold has really done it.

Cookie:I told you to call me Cookie,not Harold.


Mom:Katie,you chased your brother?

Katie:Yeah but..but..

Mom:Your grounded.

Katie:But i...

Mom:No Tv,to video games for the hole week.

Katie:Not even my frientendo bs?

Mom:Not even you little whatever.

(Cookie pretends to cry)

Mom:Aww poor baby.


Cookie:The mean girl hit me!

Mom:Lets go inside for some graham crackers and choclate milk.

Katie's Imagineary friend:So then he got you in trouble!?

Katie:Yup he wants to ruin the fun in everything we do.

(Later on Cookie puts kitty litter in Micheal's chicken soup.

Micheal:Finally after a long day of being Micheal nothing like a hot bowl of chicken soup.

Micheal:Oh oh! Hot!Hot!Hot!

Cookie:Oh sorry i was trying to make a little snack.

Micheal:Dad! Dad! Get in here!

Dad:What's up kid.

Micheal:Cookie went in my soup.

Cookie:I did no such thing.

Dad:Micheal this is your younger brother your suppose to be the good one...the role model the..

Micheal:Ok Ok i get it.

(Micheal replaces the shower water with spiders)

Dad:Taking a shower is the best time of day because the hole time i won't hear "Dad stop being a lazy bum and get your stinky butt into the shower!" anymore.

(Shower turns on)

Dad:Aaaah! Spiders!

Mom:Dave what's wrong?

Dad:I think one of the kids put spiders in the shower....and i think i know who it was.

Mom:Your lying i think everyone is getting Harold in trouble because i don't pay much attention to you.

Micheal:Ok we are all here because we need to get Cooks introuble.

(Katie waves her hand)


Katie:First of all don't ever say that again.Second Cookie will never get in trouble.Ever!

Micheal:Let me guess you want to throw him in a ditch....with scisors.

Katie:Dude,do i look like i'm kiddding?

Micheal:Spoke to soon.

Dad:As Cook's son i don't think i seems right to pull a prank.

Micheal:Dad he made me eat kitty litter!

Dad:I'll give you each $50 if you don't pull a prank on him.

Katie and Micheal:Deal!

(Dad gives the kids $50 each)

Katie:Dude,what should we do with this.

Micheal:I'm gonna go and buy 5 video games.

Katie:While your at that i'm going to pull that prank.

Micheal:Dude,you know dad said not to.

Katie:We signed,put finger prints and some sort of D.N.A on a peace treaty.No!

Micheal:Does this mean i can have your $50?

Katie:Who do you think i am?

Katie:He He He.

Mom:Katlyn Tayler Johnson what are you doing?!

Mom:That's it your grouded again!

(Katie gets mad and runs off

Cookie:Mommy more cookies please?