(Car pulls off)

Mom:Welcome to New York kids.

Micheal:Let me get this staight,Ok we left our fantastic life of living in Ohio to go to New York city.How Crazy!

Mom:Don't worry you'll get used to it,And i signed you and your little sister for ManHatten High.

Micheal and Katie:What!

Cookie:Well at least we lived that ride,right?

Dad:Wow what a ride.

Katie:Mommy,Daddy when can we see this new house.

Micheal:Oh,grow up

Katie:You grow up!

Micheal:You grow up!

Both:Grow up! Grow up! Grow up!

Mom:Stop it or your sleeping outside.

Katie:You hear her.

Dad:Ok kids,everyone grab a box or all our food.

Katie:Dad,you kept our food during the move?

Mom:We need to save food.


Micheal:Yeah i mean mom is a doctor and dad is a tv show writer.

Mom:Don't push it!


Dad:Ok lets get moved in.