The Cheetah Girls Fuego Official Music Video

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cast starring Adrienne BAILON Sabinda Bryan keily Williams raven symone Edit

Eddie Thomas mark maile Cindy parks Ashlee Simpson and cecelia jones Edit

this will be the last cheetah girls film movie on Disney channel it airs on may 26 2010.

Plot It's 3 years later just after the cheetah girls finished there Bollywood movie in india and Ather they got back from india they went there separate ways for college and now it's been 3 years since there Bollywood movie In India was done with so now the girls have been in college for 3 years after they got back from india and NOW they try to come back Together again as a group to sing dance and be famous again like they did before they broke up for a while because of college so now Chanel dorinda and APUA take time off college to come together again as the cheetah girls because they have not been together for 3 years since there trip to India and there old Friend galleria garibaldi their old group member moved away to England to the university of Cambridge for college 2 years ago so the cheetah girls have been a threesome group since galleria left the group so now the girls gets mail from each other saying that they want to see one another again so we can be a group like we alway have been And the girls call each over to say that they will take time off college to be together before college is over so when summer comes around the cheetah girls All fly back to new York to met again in the airport and talk about there lives And about they miss one other and they have not sees one other in 2 years and that There happy to be a group again that way they can sing dance and be stars when they Leave the airport together they run into a music producer mark maile as frack mike and he tells them that if they are interested in a audition for to become superstars and be famous for To get a record deal and go on tours released albums go to concerts and make a lot Of money the girls think about the opportunity they worry about how thing will turn out to be so they thick that it will turn out good so they will take the opportunity and the producer tells them when the auditions are they are tomorrow At 9:30am and I hope to see all you girls there the girls go to there hotel to stay Talk about gets a record deal Chanel says cheetahs everything we have done has been leading us to this moment for a long time I thick we made the right choice Coming together again as the cheetah girls APUA says when we become famous we can Buy a big house with 30 rooms inside and dorinda says if we become famous we must Be focus on everything that comes ok Chanel and APUA says yes we will focus ok It's the big day cheetahs wake up you guys we have to go to our audition it stars At 9:30am get ready says Chanel the girls just get to the audition they start by first the music judge ASHLEE SIMSON TELLS THE GROUPS TO GET IN ORDER TO SING Sing a song call worldwide when the song is over the producer choose what group is Gets a record deal he says the winner is the cheetah girls the girls jump up and Down with a happy face says we won cheetahs when they walk out the door happy the Producer tells them that there is to be three tours to England Paris and LA stars Tomorrow and the girls thick about it and say yes we will go on these tours ok So what time do we have to get here in time to go 7:00am you got that girls yes We do ok by the next day comes and the cheetah girls are on the tour bus going To England Paris and LA when they just get to England's airport at 7:30am they Are happy and they head to a cab to get them to a hotel to stay overnight at When they get there they see how the room look so good inside the hotel when They leave the room to see the rest of England in a cab it stop the girls go by And gets hotdogs BY A SELLS WOMAN cecelia jones AS ROSE LEE and they see there old group member galleria buys a cheese stick At a another food truck and galleria sees them and says Chanel dorinda APUA is that really you guys they say yes galleria it is us oh my god I can't believe You guys are here in England galleria says its been like 2 years since i have Seen you guys and I am so sorry I left the cheetah girls to go to Cambridge College here in England Chanel says bubbles we forgive you for leaving the Group alright so what are you guys doing here well we got a record deal you Guys got a record deal yes we did I am so happy for you guys thanks so you Are you guys on tour here yes why because bubbles we have a music video stood Oh my god a video stood here in England oh yes here that's so good I wise I Can be in it too I know bubbles we wise too well I guess I should get going Because I HAVE THINGS TO DO IN15 minutes ok well by galleria We will see you later ok by guys by bubbles they walk away and go back to There cab to take them to there stood at the studio the cheetah girls walk In first of the camera the he says to the girls that there song is name Now or never so the man says the cheetah girls now of never take 1 and In 54321 and the girls start to sing dance in the video and the mans Says that they love that fist scene and he tells them they are done It will air on the big screams tomorrow by 1:10pm and they will be Famous by tomorrow and make a lot of money Chanel says this is a big Dream for us thank you they walk out the studio into the cab all the Way back to the hotel and jump up and down 5 times with happy faces After they stop jumps they get there wallets and go out to celebrate Of about to be stars and they sing a song name dreams and get up and Sing and dance in the restaurant and after the next day comes they Wake up with happy faces and screens saying that we are now famous Cheetahs yes our dream is now here says Chanel dorinda and APUA and They call galleria on Chanel's phone and tells her that today we are Famous yes finally after all these years they get dress up and go and Sing dance on the town the song they are sings is forever we are and At the end of there song they get a call from galleria says that she Is done with Cambridge and is going to come back to the cheetah girls Again the girls scream and are so happy that she is back with the cheetah Girls again galleria tells them that her she's finished at Cambridge so her professor has told her that she has completed all of her assignments and all of her studys and all of her work in which means that Galleria will be returning to New York by tomorrow today she want with  All of them to be there at 4:30pm at Cambridge ok they tell her yes we will There at 4:30 to pick her up yes thank you by guys when my producer tells the girls tomorrow They have to leave England tomorrow at 6:10am they have to tell galleria they Are leaves tomorrow morning at 6am she tell them she has good new she wants To come with them to Paris and they are happy she's going with them on there Tour it's 6am you guys wake up get dress our tour bus is coming says galleria As they are on the bus to Paris they talk about bes stars again this is the happys day

of our lives you guys they are in Paris airport gets into a cab takesthe girls to hotel sweet they love the sweet in Paris 2 days after they stood there Music video name cheetah girls back with galleria in it they tell how fun it is To be famous in the last 2 years but after thing go bad for the group the money Run out the music and THE singS is bad so the girls thick at was a bad thick to come Together again as the cheetah girls but in the ends things get good for them When the the cheetah girls sing dance in Paris and leave for la and are happy Again and music videos albums tours get to be good in the end they just get To LA for a concent for everyone in the worid and they sing a song called cheetah girls forever on a big stage and has dancers too in the concent in the end after the concert is over the cheetah girls get back on the tour bus and go back to new york because there tuor is over and galleria talks with her mom said that galleria does not have to stay at cambridge anymore

because her mom is letting her come back home with the cheetah girls and be a member again when the girls

just got back to New York galleries mom calls to tell them that there is a concert in 15 minutes they are

excited to be in a another one tonight and be makes music videos a lot of money and released albums coming out in there career now the concert is about to begin and the cheetah girls are getting ready to sing dance and

take the stage to the top of there music they sing a song on the stage called forever we are in concert when it's over the producer tells them that he want to make a album Of there song cheetah girls forever we are new week

the girls say yes and he makes its at the end the cheetah girls sing and dance together on the stage one last time to celebrate there first album coming out new week and they sing a song called we will rise to the top and the

and the cheetah girls talk about not going back to college anymore now that they have there career on now so they finish there song we will rise to the top all night unit they go home happy to have a career now and they

talk about not going back to college anymore because they have a career now and they finsh there song

we will rise to the top and the producer tells them that he wants to make a album of there song we will rise to the top a another song too as a second album to come out new week too the girls are so happy that a another of there songs are coming out as a album

they say yes and he makes it happen new week so the cheetah girls still sing there song unit they go home

and be happy to have a career now To be in music videos have albums coming out and Be together again as

the cheetah girls foursome group again when there song is over they go home in a limousine and start singing a song called cheetahs forever on there way home to tells there parents they got a record deal and they are stars now forever.

SONGS The movie had 8 Songs from the movie.


now or never


we are cheetah girls

cheetahs girls are back

we will rock the world

we will rise to the top

cheetah girls forever.