This is the third season of a Disney Channel Original Series show, Sonny With a Chance. The season began on April 3, 2011 and ended on January 6, 2012. This is the last season of Sonny with a Chance and it ended on the same day as Wizards of Waverly Place. This season consisted of 24 episodes. Season 3 was filmed from November 2010 to August 2011.

Cast Edit

  • Demi Lovato as Sonny Munroe
  • Sterling Knight as Chad Dylan Cooper
  • Brandon Mychal Smith as Nico Harris
  • Doug Brochu as Grady Mitchell
  • Allisyn Ashley Arm as Zora Lancaster
  • Lanny Horn as Howir
  • Carol Locatell as Edith

Episodes Edit

01. A So Random! Musical

Airdate: April 3, 2011

Prod. Code: 301

Director: Eric Dean Seaton

Plot: The So Random! cast does a special episode full of musical and crappy sketches.

Absent: Sterling Knight as Chad Dylan Cooper

Viewers13.9 million

02. New Boy

Airdate: April 10, 2011

Prod. Code: 306

Director: Shelley Jensen

Plot: After her breakup with Chad, Sonny needs a new boyfriend. At the Patio, Sonny meets James and quickly both become a couple. This makes Chad jealous. Meanwhile, Grady accidentally kisses Mel that results a relationship between them.

Absent: Allisyn Ashley Arm as Zora

Viewers: 17.1 million

04. Still Have Feelings

Airdate: May 8, 2011

Prod. Code: 307

Director: Shannon Flynn

Plot: Sonny tries to move on after her breakup with Chad, but still can't get over the feelings for him. In order to have Sonny back, Chad asks her to be friends with him. Sonny refuses, but her feelings for Chad convince her to change her mind. Sonny then finds out what Chad is up to and still refuses to get back with him. Meanwhile, Nico and Grady play barbers and accidentally mess up Tawni's hair.

Absent: Alisyn Ashley Arm as Zora

Viewers: 7.4 million

05-07. Sonny Goes to Tokyo

Airdate: May 29, 2011

Prod. Code: 301-303

Director: Eric Dean Seaton

Plot: The So Random! cast is invited by Tokyo Productions to make a Japanese-themed sketches and attend the awards ceremony there. Sonny and the group leave, with Chad as a stowaway (he hides inside Sonny's bag)in a rush to cach a plane Sonny and Tawni (along with Chad) end up in a wrong plane and they travel to China instead. After landing in China, Sonny and Tawni try some different ways to get to Japan. On the way, Sonny finds out that Chad has came along with them in order to get her back. After dealing with some problems on the way, Sonny and Chad finally confess that they never stopped loving each. Meanwhile, in Japan, Nico and Grady enjoy the hotel luxuries, while Zora uses some equipment to locate Sonny and Tawni.?

Note: This is a three-part episode.

Viewers: 19.4 million

08. Double Date

Airdate: June 19, 2011

Prod. Code: 308

Director: Eric Dean Seaton

Plot: After getting back together, Sonny and Chad plan a make-up date at the Patio, but Grady and Mel come and the date ends up as a double date that ends up as a disaster. Meanwhile, Tawni breaks her charming necklace and feels that she'll end up with a bad luck.

Absent: Allisyn Ashley Arm as Zora

Viewers: 13.7 million

09. Mel's Big Break

Airdate: June 26, 2011

Prod. Code: 309

Director: Eric Dean Seaton

Plot: After a bike accident, Sonny ends up in a hospital. Tawni, Nico and Grady try to find a temporary replacement for Sonny and Mel asks them to hire her as a replacement for Sonny. When it turns out that Mel is terrible, Tawni and Nico threaten to fire her, but Grady tries to convince them to not do that as she's his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Sonny thinks that being in hospital is relaxing until she finds out about the surgeries, so she tries to get out.

Absent: Allisyn Ashley Arm as Zora

Viewers: 14.3 million

10. Sonny Goes Royal

Airdate: July 10, 2011

Prod. Code: 310

Director: Eric Dean Seaton

Plot: Princess Matillda, who looks like Sonny, escapes from Kingland to have a normal life after getting frustrated by her princess life. The Kingland's Emperor mistakes Sonny for his daughter and takes her to Kingland. When the princess arrives at the studios, the So Random! cast mistakes her for Sonny. At Kingland, Sonny tries to pretend to be the princess, but her funny antics interfere. When Tawni and Chad find out that not-funny "Sonny" is not Sonny, they take her back to Kingland. Meanwhile, Nico and Grady play "Sonny's" service.

Absent: Allisyn Ashley Arm as Zora

Viewers: 8.2 million

11. Efron Steals Cooper

Airdate: July 28, 2011

Prod. Code: 311

Director: Eric Dean Seaton

Plot: Zac Efron arrives in Hollywood and is landed a guest role in Mackenzie Falls, much to Chad's dismay. When Chad finds out that Sonny is Efron's fan, he breaks up with her. Chad gets fired from the show after fighting with Efron. With Chad nowhere to go, Efron replaces him as Mackenzie. Efron turns out to be terrible and gets fired. Chad comes back to the show and gets back together with Sonny. Meanwhile, Nico and Grady get addicted to the chess game.

Absent: Allisyn Ashley Arm as Zora

Viewers: 10.4 million

12. SkySonny

Airdate: August 11, 2011

Prod. Code: 315

Director: Shannon Flynn

Plot: Sonny's 19th birthday is coming up. Tawni, Nico, Grady, Zora, Chad, Marshall, Connie, Mel and Ray plan a surprise party at the Patio. To keep Sonny from the Patio, Tawni signs her to the "one-day skydiving club", not knowing that Sonny has a fear of heights. Meanwhile the surprise party is not going according as planed ?

Viewers: 3.1 million

13. Work of Art

Airdate: August 18, 2011

Prod. Code: 312

Director: Eric Dean Seaton

Plot: Sonny does a painting and, after leaving it behind, it is discovered by a famous artist. The artist decides to keep the painting. Sonny is determined to get back the painting. Meanwhile, Grady feels that there's nothing between Mel and himself and tries to break up with her.

Absent: Allisyn Ashley Arm as Zora

Viewers: 1.7 million

14. Olympics in the Studio

Airdate: August 25, 2011

Prod. Code: 313

Director: Eric Dean Seaton

Plot: As the rivalry between So Random! and Mackenzie Falls gets even more heated up, Sonny decides to organize the olympics to see which show is better. During the olympics, Sonny finds out this this will put her relationship with Chad in crisis, so she tries to call off the event.

Absent: Allisyn Ashley Arm as Zora

Viewers: 9.6 million

15. Driving Grady Mitchell

Airdate: September 1, 2011

Prod. Code: 319

Director: Eric Dean Seaton

Plot: When everyone finds out that Grady still doesn't have a driving license, Sonny decides to show him how to drive. This results in both Sonny and Grady getting lost in a forest. Meanwhile, Tawni and Zora try to pull a prank on Nico.

Absent: Sterling Knight as Chad Dylan Cooper

Viewers: 12.9 million

16. Amber's Revenge

Airdate: September 15, 2011

Prod. Code: 316

Director: Eric Dean Seaton

Plot: Chad's former assistant, Amber, returns for revenge for getting fired after her recent mishaps. Sonny and Chad try to stop her. Meanwhile, Nico and Grady believe that Zora's sarcophagus is cursed.

Viewers: 11.8 million

17. Where's Chad?

Airdate: September 29, 2011

Prod. Code: 314

Director: Eric Dean Seaton

Plot: While riding a go-cart with Sonny, Chad falls into a truck and is taken away from the studio to a desert. Chad tries to do some many ways to get back to the studio. Meanwhile, Sonny gets paranoid to find Chad and her friends try to calm her down. At the end of the episode, Sonny and Chad are reunited.

Absent: Allisyn Ashley Arm as Zora

Viewers: 13.1 million

18-19. Wizards With a Chance

Airdate: October 20, 2011

Prod. Code: 317-318

Director: Eric Dean Seaton

Plot: The So Random! cast gets nominated to a best sitcom award show in New York City. Days before the show, Sonny and Tawni meet three wizard siblings, Alex, Justin and Max Russo. Sonny befriend Max gets a crush on Tawni. Suddenly, an evil fairy comes out of the wizard world and it attacks Sonny that forces Alex to tell Sonny about her secret Meanwhile, back in Hollywood, Chad tries to do something fun when Sonny's not around.

Special Guest Stars: Selena Gomez as Alex Russo, David Henrie as Justin Russo, Jake T. Austin as Max Russo and Jennifer Stone as Harper Finkle

Note: This two-part episode is a crossover between Sonny With a Chance and Wizards of Waverly Place and it is counted as a Sonny With a Chance episode.

Viewers: 16.1 million

20. So Far, So Great

Airdate: October 27, 2011

Prod. Code: 320

Director: Eric Dean Seaton

Plot: Sonny and Tawni reminisce their previous adventures and mishaps.

Absent: Sterling Knight as Chad Dylan Cooper, Brandon Mychal Smith as Nico Harris, Doug Brochu as Grady Mitchell and Allisyn Ashley Arm as Zora

Viewers: 14.2 million

21. Camp Random!

Airdate: November 3, 2011

Prod. Code: 323

Director: Eric Dean Seaton

Plot: Sonny decides to teach some kids how to be comedians, so she opens up a So Random! camp. Meanwhile, Nico, Ray helps Grady confront his fear of spiders.

Viewers: 14.0 million

22. Want Those Tickets

Airdate: November 17, 2011

Prod. Code: 321

Director: Eric Dean Seaton

Plot: Sonny and Tawni fight over a one last ticket for Justin Bieber's concert. Meanwhile, Zora is getting sick of Grady's overweightness, so she decides to put him on a diet.

Special Guest Star: Justin Bieber as himself

Viewers: 24.5 million

23. Sonny With a Movie

Airdate: December 1, 2011

Prod. Code: 322

Director: Shannon Flynn

Plot: Steven Spielberg discovers Sonny and Tawni and asks them to appear in his new movie. Tawni is excited, but Sonny is not. Sonny then decides to do the movie anyway. During the shoot, Sonny and Tawni find out that they're extras, so they try to quit. Meanwhile, Zora teaches Nico and Grady some responsibility.

Special Guest Star: Steven Spielberg as himself

Viewers: 14.0 million

24. Rest of Our Lives!

Airdate: January 6, 2012

Prod. Code: 324

Director: Eric Dean Seaton

Plot: Sonny is superexcited for a fame in So Random!. Unfortunately, Connie gets a job in London, so she has to leave with Sonny. Sonny gets upset and tries to keep that in secret from her boyfriend and castmates. When Tawni, Nico, Grady, Zora and Chad find out, they refuse to talk with Sonny anymore. Sonny writes a song as an apology and she makes up with her friends. At the end, Sonny tearfully says goodbye with Tawni, Nico, Grady and Zora before departing to London with her mother. When Sonny is saying goodbye to everyone, she gets upset that Chad didn't come to say goodbye to her. She decides to leave without saying goodbye to him. Just as she gets in the car, Chad runs out to say goodbye. They have a heart-to-heart and Sonny leaves. Meanwhile, Chad gets upset after critics made a negative review about Mackenzie Falls (or as they call it boring soap opera).

Viewers: 28.5 million

Note: This is a 1 hour episode and the show's series finale. This episode was the most watched episode of Sonny With a Chance by about 28 million viewers.

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