So Charlie Shakes It Up! is a crossover between three Disney Channel shows: So Random!, Good Luck Charlie, and Shake It Up.


Bridgit Mendler as Teddy Duncan

Bradley Steven Perry as Gabe Duncan

Jason Dolley as PJ Duncan

Bella Thorne as CeCe Jones

Zendaya Coleman as Rocky Blue

Kenton Duty as Gunther Hessenheffer

Caroline Sunshine as Tinka Hessenheffer

Davis Cleveland as Flynn Jones

Tiffany Thornton as Tawni Hart

Doug Brochu as Grady Mitchell

Brandon Mychal Smith as Nico Harris

Sterling Knight as Chad Dylan Cooper

Allisyn Ashley Arm as Zora Lancaster


Teddy, Gabe, and PJ Duncan enter a contest to win 3 tickets to a live taping of one of their favorite shows, So Random!, and win. They then drive out to see the show. Meanwhile, CeCe Jones, Rocky Blue, and Gunther and Tinka Hessenheffer are offered to perform (dance) on So Random!. They accept the offer. As the Duncan kids are sitting down, CeCe, Rocky, Gunther, and Tinka walk onto the stage and go behind a door. Then Teddy tells Gabe and PJ that she met two of the girls, Rocky and CeCe, when her and their mom went to Denver. CeCe walks out of the door to get her little brother Flynn, and spots Teddy. They say hi. Then Flynn walks over to Teddy and starts flirting. Teddy says that she missed CeCe and Rocky but she didn't miss Flynn flirting with her. CeCe and Flynn walk away. (CeCe has to babysit Flynn). Gunther and Tinka get slammed in the face by a door and have to go to the hospital. CeCe and Rocky need one or two dancers to take their place, so they call Teddy Up. Meanwhile, PJ and Gabe get to be in a So Random! sketch with Grady and Nico. At the end, CeCe, Rocky, and Teddy perform, PJ, Gabe, Grady, and Nico do the sketch successfully, and everyone gets home safely.