Re-Animated is an upcoming American live-action sitcom set to premiere on Disney Channel in the Early 2013.


12-year-old Hayden White's favorite cartoons come to life when he hits head after an accident. He helps these toons adjust life in the real world with a help of his friends.


Main Human CharactersEdit

  • Hayden White as Mason Cook
  • Ray Seaton as Robert Capron
  • Taylor Brown as Bailee Madison
  • Jordan Reece as Tucker Albrizzi

Main Cartoon CharactersEdit

  • Red the Squirrel (voiced by Tom Kenny)
  • Nina the Chipmunk (voiced by Grey DeLisle)
  • Ren the Crocodile (voiced by Jeff Bennet)
  • Pen the Comedian Penguin (voiced by Noah Z. Jones)
  • Roach the Evil Cocroach (voiced by Mr. Lawrence)