Moseby's Lesson is fanfic episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.


  • Zack Martin
  • Cody Martin
  • London Tipton
  • Maddie Fitzpatrick
  • Mr. Moseby
  • Carey Martin
  • Esteban Ramirez
  • Arwin Hawkhauser
  • The kids and the kids' parents


Mr. Moseby checks his calendar and finds out that it's May 31st, a day prior to his worst nightmare: June 1st - Children's Day. He finds out that the Children's Day's party is going to be held in the hotel and this was Zack and Cody's idea. Not wanting a bunch of kids to ruin the hotel, Mr. Moseby cancels the party. After this, the hotel now has no guests and Mr. Moseby is confused. Zack, Cody, Maddie and Carey tell him that he disappointed the kids by canceling the party and their parents now hate him. Mr. Moseby begins to realize that Children's Day is important for kids and apologizes for ruining the day. He then says that the party will be held at the Tipton, as planned.

Meanwhile, London accidentally breaks her mirror. She believes in bad luck, but Maddie doesn't believe and says that it's superstition. Soon, a bird poops on London's head, her umbrella gets broken during a rainy day, her clothes and hair are also ruined and she gets covered in a paint. Maddie still doesn't believe London. The next day, the Children's Day, London finds a coin and avoids being run over by a car. She finds out that it's a charming coin and she has a good luck again, while Maddie gets a bad luck.