Metro Land is an American animated series that premiered September 9, 2011. The show centers around two Virginian siblings living in an amusment park with their fun uncle and pet talking duck in Orlando Florida.


Main Characters

  • Logan Grove as Jay Sullivan is a michivious and awesome 11-year-old who just wants to have fun.
  • Mila Kunis as Angel Sullivan is fun and sassfull girl who just wants to enjoy her summer. She is really into boys and likes mimicking her brother. She also is also at good voicing other people.
  • Dan Russell as Uncle Carl is Jay and Angel's fun and caring uncle who tries to get the kids to have a good summer. He also owns Metro Land. He has a habit of giving the kids lollipops when they feel down.
  • Tom Kenny as Ducky is Uncle Carl's awesome talking duck who can do human like things.
  • Jerry Trainor as Doop is an employee of Metro Land and is good friends with Jay and Angel. He owns an Ice Cream stand and he usually makes Ice Creams of the kids.
  • Natalie Portman as Gabi is an ordinary 16-year-old who owns a stuffed animal store. She is also a love interest to Jay.

Recurring Characters

  • Kevin Chamberlin as Marcus Jones is another park owner and is the competition of Metro Land.
  • Phill Lewis as Officer John is a Floridan Police and has a bad feeling about about the Sullivans and their shenanigans and he tries to keep Orlando a safe place.