The first season of The Warrior Team aired on Disney Channel from June 25, 2010 to April 8, 2011.


01-02. The BeginningEdit

Airdate: June 25, 2010

Featured Characters: Aaron Jones, Zoey Jackson, Corey Jensen, Dan Bennett, Alyssa Blake, Timmy Bennett, Dr. Eviller, Miranda, Creep, Zoltax, Kylie Pickett, Tom Bennett, Mary Bennett, Zack, Brad, Tim, Mandy Glamourous, Mindy, Candy, Principal Hanks, Laura Johnson, Jennifer Garcia, Bob Jones, Wendy Jones, Slime-Tentacle Cyclop, Various Students, Various People

Plot: A 16-year-old teenage boy, Aaron James, is homeless after his parents were mysteriously killed. Blaming the world's most dangerous criminal, Dr. Eviller, for his parents' death, Aaron has developed a personal vendetta against the criminal. After the school bully, Zack, put the blame on Aaron and the other four classmates, Zoey, Corey, Dan and Alyssa, for a prank at the school assembly, they are put in detention. While on detention, Aaron, Zoey, Corey, Dan, Alyssa and Timmy (who came to see his brother) are attacked by Dr. Eviller and his monster, Slime-Tentacle Cyclop. While escaping, they accidentally discover an underground lair beneath the city park. They find out that the lair was run by a team of superheroes many years ago. They're shocked to discover that they've been chosen as the new heroes, and Aaron has been chosen as the leader. Aaron, Zoey, Corey, Dan, Alyssa and Timmy realize that they can stop Dr. Eviller and decide to name their team "The Warrior Team". The team obtains several gadgets and vehicles, and Aaron gets a crystal that creates an armor filled with weapons necessary for battle. Now The Warrior Team goes to stop Dr. Eviller and Slime-Tentacle Cyclop before they destroy the city.

Note: This is the two-part series premiere.