Linda Valetine's Super Life is a live-action sitcom. It centers around a teenage girl, Linda Valetine, who has to deal with her typical family and school life. The show consists of three seasons.


  • Britney Spears as Linda Valetine
  • Christina Aguilera as Jennifer Collins
  • Shawn Ashmore as Dave Jensen
  • Andrew James Trauth as William Valetine
  • Mackenzie Phillips as Gracie Valetine
  • Robert Carradine as Jerry Valetine
  • Lindy Booth as Miriam Luxe (recurring role)
  • Ben Foster as Thomas Francis (recurring role)
  • Alexz Johnson as Nancy Grand (recurring role)
  • Patrick Levis as Zane Johnson (recurring role)


Season 1Edit

01. Sleepover Party

Airdate: July 12, 1996

Prod. Code: 101

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: Linda's mother, Gracie, organizes a sleepover party for Linda every year. Linda refuses to organize the sleepover party again, but Jennifer convinces her to do it. Linda agrees and organizes a sleepover party. Her school rival, Miriam Luxe, gate crashes to the party, nearly ruining it, but Linda saves the party. In the end, Linda tells Jennifer that it's good to have a sleepover party because she'll be alone and watch TV if the party won't happen. Meanwhile, Linda's little brother, William, tries to convince his father, Jerry, to give him first allowance.

02. Romeo & Juliet

Airdate: August 2, 1996

Prod. Code: 106

Director: Roger S. Christiansen

Plot: Linda's school organizes a play based on a novel, Romeo & Juliet. Dave gets the part to play Romeo. Linda and Miriam fight over who will play Juliet. Miriam wins, but gets allergic to the costume before the play starts. Because she has been chosen as the understudy, Linda gets the part to play Juliet. Meanwhile, Gracie and Jerry try to be better parents.

03. Babysitter

Airdate: August 23, 1996

Prod. Code: 105

Director: Rich Correll

Plot: Linda and Jennifer are eager to see the premiere of their favorite movie, but Linda's parents go out for a night and she has to take care of William. Linda gets Nancy to stay with William to go out. However, Linda's parents return early and find out that Linda is not home. Linda's parents find Linda in the cinema and ground her.

04. Camping

Airdate: September 6, 1996

Prod. Code: 102

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: Linda's family goes for their camping trip. Linda is reluctant to go because camping is always boring. Linda then finally agrees to go for camping trip. During the night, William gets lost in a forest. Fearful that the bears will eat William, Linda goes to the forest to find him. Linda finds William who is still safe and they return to the camp. Meanwhile, Jennifer tutors Nancy in math.

05. Spelling Bee

Airdate: September 13, 1996

Prod. Code: 110

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: Jennifer is desperate to win the spelling bee, but has a sharp competition. Jennifer feels that she has a stage fright and attempts to quit the spelling bee, but Linda tells her to not give up. Jennifer wins the spelling bee. Meanwhile, William gets annoyed because his parents are treating him like a baby.

06. Nurse Linda

Airdate: September 20, 1996

Prod. Code: 103

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: Linda trips and falls into William, breaking his leg. As punishment, Linda's parents force her to take care of William. Soon, it turns out that William was pretending to break his leg to make Linda as his slave.

07. Election

Airdate: September 27, 1996

Prod. Code: 109

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: Jennifer runs for school president. Linda helps her to gain the votes. Miriam also runs for school president and makes lies to make everyone vote only for her. Linda exposes Miriam as a liar. Miriam is disqualified from the election and Jennifer wins. Meanwhile, William gets addicted to his first video game.

08. Happy Birthday, Linda

Airdate: October 11, 1996

Prod. Code: 108

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: Linda's 14th birthday are coming up. Jennifer promises to not organize the party. Jennifer can't resist with Gracie's plans to organize the party and breaks the promise. Linda is disappointed to see the party. Jennifer apologizes, but Linda is still furious and refuses to talk with Jennifer again. In the end, the girls reconcile.

09. Test-Mania!

Airdate: November 8, 1996

Prod. Code: 113

Director: Rich Correll

Plot: Linda's parents find out that she is not doing well with chemistry and threaten to not let her go to Jennifer's sleepover party. Linda then tries to study for the test. It is soon discovered that the teacher made a mistake and Linda has good grades in chemistry, while Miriam has bad grades.

10. Heroine

Airdate: December 13, 1996

Prod. Code: 107

Director: Paul Lazarus

Plot: Linda saves Thomas' life and he's too thankful for this that he keeps bugging her. Linda tries to do her best to make Thomas save her life and succeeds. Meanwhile, William struggles with training for his first soccer match.

11. Underground Passageway

Airdate: January 10, 1997

Prod. Code: 112

Director: Roger S. Christiansen

Plot: While digging a hole for a swimming pool with her family, Linda discovers an underground passageway under the house. This attracts the archaeologists that they want to demolish the house. Linda gets an idea and puts Jennifer's grandma's old fake artifacts under her family's enemy neighbours' house.

12. Grandma Comes to Visit

Airdate: January 24, 1997

Prod. Code: 115

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: Linda's maternal grandma comes to visit. Linda is afraid of her grandma because of her yellow teeth. Linda tries to avoid her grandma at numerous times. When Linda is bullied by Miriam, she is rescued by her grandma. Linda realizes that her grandma is not as scary as she thought.

13. Worst Fear!

Airdate: February 7, 1997

Prod. Code: 104

Director: Rich Correll

Plot: Linda finds out that she'll never be able to pass P.E. class if she won't climb very well. Linda confesses to Jennifer that she is failing P.E. because of her fear of heights. Jennifer tries to help Linda get rid of her height-phobia. However, Linda's kitten gets trapped up a tree and the firefighters are delayed because of a fire. Linda has no choice, but to confront her fear to save her kitten. Linda saves her kitten and she's no longer afraid of heights, and she passes P.E.. Meanwhile, William ignores Gracie's warning about playing near the alleyways where the bad dogs are. After encountering two bad dogs, William ends up in the hospital and apologizes for not listening to his mother.

14. Beauty Contest

Airdate: February 21, 1997

Prod. Code: 117

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: Linda's school organizes a beauty contest. Linda is desperate to win, as well as Miriam. Linda starts to feel that she will lose the contest, but some mother advice makes her to not give up. Linda wins the contest. Meanwhile, William agrees to keep Nancy away from candies, but ends up addicted to them.

15. New Kid in School

Airdate: February 28, 1997

Prod. Code: 116

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: There's a new boy in Linda's class, Seth. Linda gets a crush on Seth. She tries to ask him out, but he keeps ignoring her. Linda thinks that Seth has feelings for her, but is too shy. Linda then finds out that Seth already has a girlfriend. Meanwhile, Gracie gets a job as a saleswoman.

16. Popular Linda

Airdate: March 14, 1997

Prod. Code: 120

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: Linda writes her first song in the schoolyard and unknowingly leaves it there. One of the students finds the song and, because she signed the song, Linda becomes popular at her school. Miriam gets jealous because of Linda's popularity. Linda's popularity soon gets over her head and Jennifer, Dave and Gracie try to help Linda. Meanwhile, William runs away from home due to getting annoyed by Jerry's constant jokes.

17. Helping A Friend In Need

Airdate: April 4, 1997

Prod. Code: 204

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: Jennifer suffers from asthma, but she keeps that a secret. Linda and Dave find out, but they keep it from Jennifer. At Nancy's birthday party, a fire is set and, after the firefighters arrived, the place is full of smoke. Linda and Dave realize that the smoke can make the asthma worse, so they rescue Jennifer and finally confess to her that they know about her condition. Meanwhile, Gracie and Jerry decide to go to counselor as they think that they can't raise William well.

Note: This episode was aired in the middle of season one, however was meant to be a season two episode. This is the special airing of a season two episode.

18. Zit Disaster!

Airdate: April 11, 1997

Prod. Code: 119

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: Linda's class gets ready for picture days. Linda finds out that she has a zit on her nose. Linda tries to get rid of the zit, but fails. Linda then refuses to attend picture days because of the zit. Gracie comforts her and reminds to her that the look isn't important. Meanwhile, William loses his kite and tries to find it.

19. Brother-Sister Madness

Airdate: April 25, 1997

Prod. Code: 111

Director: Roger S. Christiansen

Plot: Gracie and Jerry are getting sick of Linda and William's constant fights. Linda is then forced to take William to school, so both can learn to appreciate each other. Linda and William get lost and almost fall off a cliff, but they work together to save themselves.

20. Mother's Day

Airdate: May 23, 1997

Prod. Code: 114

Director: Rich Correll

Plot: With Mother's Day approaching, Linda is planning to do the best gift for Gracie and it would be better than the last year's. However, Gracie becomes sick and Linda has to do all of the works at home. When Gracie begins to feel well, Linda realizes that she didn't buy the gift because of doing all the work at home. Linda apologizes to Gracie for not having a gift for her. Gracie tells her that taking care of her and the home is the best gift in the world. Meanwhile, Jerry's mother comes to visit for Mother's Day.

Guest Star: Vicki Lawrence as Emma Valetine

21. School Dance Night

Airdate: May 30, 1997

Prod. Code: 118

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: With the School Dance Night approaching, Linda doesn't have anyone to go with her. Dave feels the same. When Linda finds out that Dave doesn't have a girl to go with him for the night, she decides to go with him. In the end, Linda and Dave become a couple. Meanwhile, Jerry does his own renovation of the house.

Season 2Edit

01. Father-Daughter Afternoon

Airdate: June 20, 1997

Prod. Code: 202

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: Jerry is planning a father-daughter afternoon. Linda is torn apart between her date with Dave and the father-daughter afternoon. Linda lets Jerry down by choosing the date. During the date, Linda realizes that father-daughter afternoon is the most important thing in a father-daughter relationship and postpones the date. Linda returns home for the father-daughter afternoon.

02. Talent Show

Airdate: July 4, 1997

Prod. Code: 201

Director: Rich Correll

Plot: Thanks to Miriam, the school organizes a talent show. Miriam is a great singer and has a desire to win. Jennifer is also determined to win, but she has a terrible voice and Linda had to keep Jennifer from singing in public. She fails this time and Jennifer embarrasses herself in front of the whole school. It is soon revealed that Linda is also a great singer and she is a lot better than Miriam. Linda wins the show, but refuses to accept the award and gives it to Jennifer. Meanwhile, Nancy stays at Linda's house when her parents are out for few days.

03. Meet My Parents

Airdate: July 18, 1997

Prod. Code: 205

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: Linda wants to meet Dave's parents. Dave gets shocked because his parents don't know that he's dating Linda. Dave lies to her that his parents left for a two-month trip. The next day, Linda visits Dave's house and meets his parents. Dave finds out and apologizes for lying to his girlfriend, but also confesses to his parents that he's dating Linda. Meanwhile, William accidentally goes to Jerry's job.

04. Romantic Dinner

Airdate: August 8, 1997

Prod. Code: 203

Director: Rich Correll

Plot: Linda cancels her date with Dave as she promised to babysit William in their parents' absence during the weekend. Dave comes to her house with a romantic dinner. Linda is torn apart between babysitting William and enjoying the romantic dinner with Dave, but all is well in the end.

05. Detention-Mania!

Airdate: September 5, 1997

Prod. Code: 210

Director: Jeff Meyer

Plot: Jennifer starts to get a crush on Zane, who gets put in detention. Linda suggests that Jennifer has to be put in detention if she'll get close to Zane. This causes all of her classmates to get detention when the teachers don't believe that "sweet, innocent Jennifer" would be so bad. Jennifer finally gets put in detention, but it's too late: Duration of Zane's visit in detention has ended. Meanwhile, Jerry builds a game room for William.

06. Rebellious Jennifer

Airdate: September 12, 1997

Prod. Code: 206

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: With Jennifer's parents out for a weekend, Linda comes over. Jennifer then starts to get sick of being "sweet and innocent" and decides to become a rebel. She starts her rebellious nature by having a party during her parents' absence. Linda tries to stop her from going too far and cancels the party just as Jennifer's parents return home. Meanwhile, Dave signs to his first karate class.

07. Rat-Mania!

Airdate: September 19, 1997

Prod. Code: 207

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: Dave asks Linda to take care of his pet rat. However, Gracie doesn't let Linda keep the pet rat. Linda gives the pet rat to Jennifer. However, the pet rat makes a lot of mess in Jennifer's house. With no choice, Linda returns the pet rat to Dave. Meanwhile, William catches a cold.

08. The Job

Airdate: September 26, 1997

Prod. Code: 208

Director: Jeff Meyer

Plot: In need of money for a birthday gift for Gracie, Linda needs to find a job for a weekend. She lands a job in a cafe where Dave works. Linda sees a beautiful dress at a store and wants to have it, but it's too expensive. She has no choice, but to spend all of the money for Gracie's birthday gift to a dress. Dave finds out because he wanted to buy the dress for her. Dave helps Linda earn money for Gracie's birthday gift.

09. Halloween

Airdate: October 31, 1997

Prod. Code: 209

Director: Jeff Meyer

Plot: Gracie, as usual, does her best to keep William out of the candies during October before Halloween. While on shopping, William accidentally takes a candy from the store without paying for it. Linda tells him that it's a theft. Fearful that he'll end up in prison, William tries to return the candy, but fails. Gracie finds out and reminds to William about what she thinks about candies before Halloween. A kid disguised as a ghost takes the candy. Linda, Jennifer and Dave have to put their Halloween fair plans on hold to help William return the candy and get it back to the store.

10. Credit Card

Airdate: November 7, 1997

Prod. Code: 211

Director: Roger S. Christiansen

Plot: Linda and William get their first credit cards. Linda promises to not max her card on buy non-essential things, like she did with her allowances. Unfortunately, Linda sees a beautiful dress, but it's very expensive and she maxes out her card. After realizing what she had done, Linda tries to pay off the bill by opening a sale to earn money. However, the sale fails and Linda apologizes for maxing her card.

11. Best Friend Fighting

Airdate: November 21, 1997

Prod. Code: 212

Director: Jeff Meyer

Plot: Linda and Jennifer see a beautiful dress and both want to have it. This results a fight between the two best friends. Dave gets annoyed by this and handcuffs them together until they'll make up. Linda realizes that she is going shopping with her mother and needs to be free. However, Dave loes the key and goes to find it. Linda and Jennifer realize what the big friendship really is and they make up. Meanwhile, William tries to find his pet frog.

12. Merry Christmas

Airdate: December 19, 1997

Prod. Code: 214

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: It's Christmas time. Linda is eager to buy a gift for Dave, but spends all of her money to a gift for Gracie. Linda tries to find a way to earn money for Dave's gift, but fails. In the end, Dave tells her that the best thing that he got for Christmas is her heart. Meanwhile, Gracie invites all members of Valetine family for a Christmas dinner.

13. A New Couple

Airdate: January 9, 1998

Prod. Code: 213

Director: Roger S. Christiansen

Plot: Jennifer is eager to start a relationship with Zane. Linda offers to help her friend. After numerous failed attempts, Jennifer decides to give up. In the end, Jennifer finds out that Zane also had feelings for her and they become a couple. Meanwhile, Nancy helps Gracie with shopping.

14. Lost Pup

Airdate: January 16, 1998

Prod. Code: 216

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: Linda finds a lost pup on the street. She decides to keep the pup. Jennifer, Dave, William and Gracie tell her to find the owner. Linda refuses, but then decides to find the owner. The owner is found and Linda says goodbye to the pup. Meanwhile, Jerry decides to spend a day without reading newspapers.

15. Dentist-Mania!

Airdate: January 23, 1998

Prod. Code: 215

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: Linda breaks her tooth and she has to go to a dentist. She wants to prove that she'll go to the dentist without her mother. When her regular dentist is on vacation, Linda gets afraid and runs away. To make things worse, Gracie organizes a garden party. Linda eats a turkey which she wasn't supposed to and Gracie finds out. Gracie tells Linda that she had overcome her previous fears and Linda overcomes her fear of dentist. Meanwhile, Dave gets a job as a lifeguard.

16-18. Linda Goes to New York

Airdate: February 6, 1998

Prod. Code: 222-224

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: Linda and her family travel to New York City. They invite Jennifer and Dave. After a week of staying in New York City, they return home. Unfortunately, Linda, Jennifer, Dave and William are left behind in New York City. After some failed calls to Gracie and Jerry, they decide to stay in the city and enjoy the time until someone will arrive to take them home. Later, Linda and Dave get into a fight about choosing the place to explore: The Statue of Liberty or Empire State Building. They break up. Linda then gets jealous when she sees Dave with Jennifer. Soon, Dave gets nearly run over by a car, but Linda rescues him. Linda and Dave then get back together. Gracie, Jerry and the police arrive and take Linda, Jennifer, Dave and William home.

19. Wedding Anniversary Disaster!

Airdate: February 20, 1998

Prod. Code: 218

Director: Jeff Meyer

Plot: Linda's parents' wedding anniversary is coming up. However, Jerry forgets about the anniversary that results a fight between himself and Gracie. Linda tries to make her parents make up before they divorce and succeeds. Meanwhile, Jennifer and Zane have some problems with their date.

20. Cold Shoulder

Airdate: March 6, 1998

Prod. Code: 217

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: Linda wants to find out what Dave likes about her. She then overhears his conversation with his friends about an ugly and stinky loser. Linda then thinks that Dave was talking about her and decides to give him a cold shoulder. Frustrated by getting constantly ignored by Linda, Dave asks her what's going on. Linda then tells him that he thinks that she's an ugly and stinky loser and breaks up with him. In the end, Dave tells her that he was talking about Miriam whose water system is broken and her cosmetics are run out. Linda apologizes to him and they get back together. Meanwhile, William believes that the house' basement is haunted.

21. Framed!

Airdate: March 13, 1998

Prod. Code: 219

Director: Roger S. Christiansen

Plot: To gain Linda's affection, Thomas accuses Dave for stealing a CD player from a deli. Linda and Jennifer try to prove Dave's innocence. In the end, the truth comes out and Linda tells Thomas that she'll never go on a date with him. Meanwhile, Gracie decides to learn judo, much to Jerry's dismay.

22. Let's Make a Movie!

Airdate: March 20, 1998

Prod. Code: 220

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: Linda, Jennifer and Dave enter a short movie contest and this year's theme is a hero. Linda decides to shoot a movie about Gracie. Dave likes the idea, but Jennifer doesn't like. This causes an argument between the girls. However, they realize that they'll lose the contest if they don't stop fighting.

23. Cooking Class

Airdate: April 3, 1998

Prod. Code: 221

Director: Victor Gonzalez

Plot: Linda has problems with cooking and needs Gracie's help, so she can pass the cooking class. Linda then finds out that she has to make a great cake during the cooking class' exam. Linda is worried that she will fail, but passes. Meanwhile, Jerry teaches William how to fix a car.

24. Breakup!

Airdate: May 8, 1998

Prod. Code: 225

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: Linda and Dave are planning their one year anniversary. When Dave practices the anniversary date with Jennifer, Linda sees them and thinks that Dave is cheating. Zane tries to cheer her up. When Dave sees Linda with Zane, he thinks that Linda is cheating. Linda and Dave start a fight and they break up. Meanwhile, William finds Linda's diary and reads it, with attempting to reveal Linda's darkest secrets to the whole neighborhood.

Season 3Edit

01. I Want to Get Over This!

Airdate: June 22, 1998

Prod. Code: 305

Director: Roger S. Christiansen

Plot: A week passed since Linda and Dave's breakup. Jennifer and Gracie help Linda get over the breakup. Meanwhile, Zane helps Dave get over the breakup.

02. A Song

Airdate: June 23, 1998

Prod. Code: 302

Director: Roger S. Christiansen

Plot: Linda tries to find a way to get over her breakup with Dave. She decides to write a song. However, the song is about that Linda still has feelings for Dave. Meanwhile, Gracie and Jerry tell Jennifer and Zane how they first met.

03. Ducky! Ducky!

Airdate: June 24, 1998

Prod. Code: 303

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: Linda unknowingly becomes a replacement for a regular actor who plays Ducky in a children's TV show, Ducky! Ducky!. Linda feels humiliated to wear a duck costume and wants to quit the show, but realizes that the show will be canceled if she'll quit. So, Linda stays on the show. In the end, Linda finally quits as the actor returns. Meanwhile, Jennifer tries to save an old tree from being cut down.

04. Friends or... Love Couple

Airdate: June 25, 1998

Prod. Code: 309

Director: Rich Correll

Plot: Linda and Dave are broken up, but they decide to stay friends. However, they still have feelings for each other and try to get over the feelings. William makes a misunderstanding that Linda wants to get back together with Dave. This makes Linda and Dave fight again. Meanwhile, Jennifer decides to write a novel.

05. She's Not My BFF?

Airdate: June 26, 1998

Prod. Code: 304

Director: Rich Correll

Plot: After her breakup with Dave, Linda feels left out when Jennifer spends so much time with Zane. Linda then thinks that Jennifer is no longer her best friend. Jennifer arrives at Linda's house and tells her that although she's dating Zane, she still cares for Linda. Linda and Jennifer become friends again. Meanwhile, Dave gets involved in a crime scene and is accused of letting two thieves escape.

06. Secret Admirer

Airdate: July 10, 1998

Prod. Code: 307

Director: Rich Correll

Plot: Linda gets presents from a secret admirer. She thinks that the presents are from Dave. She then realizes that the presents are from Thomas, who has a huge crush on her. Meanwhile, William gets lost inside a forest during hide-and-seek.

07. She Loves My Cousin

Airdate: July 24, 1998

Prod. Code: 306

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: Dave's cousin, Danny, comes to visit. Linda gets a crush on Danny and they quickly become a couple. Dave gets jealous and, along with Jennifer, tries to split Linda and Danny up. In the end, Linda realizes that Danny is not the cute guy as she thought and breaks up with him, along with telling him the words "I still love your brother and my ex-boyfriend, Dave", much to Dave's surprise. Linda and Dave decide to stop fighting, but say that they're not ready to get back together. Meanwhile, Gracie decides to join PTA.

08. William's First Girlfriend

Airdate: August 7, 1998

Prod. Code: 308

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: William gets a crush on a new girl in his school, Stacey Hart. Linda tries to tell him that he's too young to have a girlfriend, but he ignores her. William and Stacey become a couple. However, they have different presonalities, so they break up. William realizes that his sister was right. Meanwhile, Jennifer breaks her mirror and has a bad luck.

Guest Star: Hilary Duff as Stacey Hart

09. First Kiss

Airdate: August 14, 1998

Prod. Code: 301

Director: Jeff Meyer

Plot: Although that she's dating Zane, Jennifer never kissed him. Linda helps her practice her first kiss. However, Zane overhears the practice and thinks that Jennifer is cheating on him. Zane soon breaks up with her. In the end, the misunderstanding is cleared and Jennifer and Zane get back together. Meanwhile, William has a mess in his room, so Gracie forces him to clean it.

10. Let's Get Back Together

Airdate: August 28, 1998

Prod. Code: 312

Director: Roger S. Christiansen

Plot: Linda and Dave are friends again, but have a feeling to get back together. Miriam tries to keep them from getting back together to have Dave for herself, so she starts a rumor about that Dave had kissed another girl. Linda gets angry and again refuses to talk with Dave. Jennifer comes to the rescue by revealing that Miriam's rumor is not real. Linda and Dave then get back together. Meanwhile, Gracie and Jerry have trouble with getting back home due to a traffic jam.

11. A Conflict?

Airdate: September 4, 1998

Prod. Code: 311

Director: Rich Correll

Plot: An innocent chess game makes Dave and Zane fight with each other. This results in Linda and Jennifer fight too. Linda stays on Dave's side and Jennifer stays on Zane's side. In the end, they realize that they're going too far and they stop the conflict.

12. A Painting

Airdate: September 18, 1998

Prod. Code: 315

Director: Roger S. Christiansen

Plot: Linda makes a painting for the art class. However, Jennifer accidentally throws it to the water. Jennifer tries to redo the painting to keep Linda from finding out, but forgets about what Linda made on the painting. Jennifer then is overcome with guilt and apologizes to Linda. However, it turns out that the painting which got thrown to the water was William's. Meanwhile, Gracie and Jerry decide to live seperately, but realize that they can't live away from each other, so they call off the seperation.

13. Amnesia!

Airdate: October 2, 1998

Prod. Code: 313

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: An accident causes William to lose his memory, so Linda and the family try to help restore William's memory. Meanwhile, Nancy has measles and asks Jennifer to replace her in Sports Day.

14. Roommates

Airdate: October 23, 1998

Prod. Code: 314

Director: Jeff Meyer

Plot: When a pipe in their home breaks, Jennifer and her family has to move to the hotel for three weeks. Linda invites them to her house for three weeks. William gets annoyed and tries to make the Collins family think that living with Valetines is not as good as they think. This results a fight between Linda and Jennifer. Linda realizes what William is up to and the girls make up.

15. Concert-Mania!

Airdate: November 6, 1998

Prod. Code: 316

Director: Fred Savage

Plot: Linda and Dave are in hopes to attend Stevie Wonder's concert. However, the concert is sold out. Luckily, Gracie was friends with Stevie Wonder. With her help, Linda and Dave have chances to attend the concert. Meanwhile, William accidentally puts a dress on himself and tries to take it off, but with no successes.

Special Guest Star: Stevie Wonder as himself

16. Dancing Competition

Airdate: November 20, 1998

Prod. Code: 310

Director: Jean Sagal

Plot: Linda and Dave are scheduled to appear in the show, Dance School, which is soon to be set in their school. Linda and Dave begin to practice. However, Linda breaks her finger and Dave breaks his foot, so their chances to win are up in the air. Meanwhile, William tries to show that he can do magic tricks.

17. I Want to Drive!

Airdate: December 4, 1998

Prod. Code: 318

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: A day after her 16th birthday, Linda wants to have a driving license. Jerry forbids her from taking the test. Linda secretly takes the test in order to be the first in her class to have a driving license. After passing the test, Linda then drives around the city until she runs out of gas, but the gas station is far away. Meanwhile, Gracie and William tell Jerry that Linda needs to grow up. Without a help, Linda begins to realize that taking the test was a bad idea until Jerry arrives to rescue his daughter.

18. Locked In

Airdate: December 11, 1998

Prod. Code: 317

Director: Jeff Meyer

Plot: Linda and Jennifer are locked inside Jennifer's house (the wind caused the door to close) and they reminisce their old adventures.

19-20. Linda Says Goodbye?

Airdate: December 18, 1998

Prod. Code: 319-320

Director: Savage Steve Holland

Plot: Fed up with William's bad grades, Gracie decides to move back to Chicago. Linda gets upset because she'll leave her friends behind. Linda tries to keep it as a secret, but fails. Jennifer breaks off her friendship with Linda and Dave breaks up with Linda. Linda writes a song as an apology to her friends and explanation that she has to leave. Linda tearfully says goodbye with her friends and she and her family depart. The next day, Linda returns because her family decided to stay.

Note: This is the two-part series finale.


The show's soundtrack was released on July 3, 1998 by Walt Disney Records.


01. Hey, Linda! (Britney Spears)

02. All Right! (Britney Spears)

03. Heartbreak (Britney Spears)

04. OK! (Christina Aguilera)

05. Ghosts, Witches, Monsters! (Britney Spears)

06. Thanks to That Girl (Stevie Wonder, feat. Britney Spears)

07. Going Away (Britney Spears)

08. Growing Up (Christina Aguilera)

09. Dance With Me ('N Sync)