Laura's Big Journey is a Disney Channel Original Movie. The movie stars Miley Cyrus. It aired in August 10, 2007. It is directed by Mark L. Taylor.


  • Miley Cyrus as Laura Rogers
  • Sterling Knight as Johnny Mitchell
  • Kim Rhodes as Mary Rogers
  • Michael Hitchcock as Fred Rogers
  • Maria Canals Barerra as Judy Mitchell
  • Peter Allen Vogt as William Mitchell
  • Moises Arias as a boy


The Rogers family plans to travel across USA for their vacation. Mary and Fred Rogers' daughter, Laura, is annoyed because she wants to have all on her own than traveling with her family. She reluctantly agrees. Two days after leaving home, the Rogers family stops in a restaurant. Laura talks to Mary and tells her that she wanted to spend vacation on her own. Mary tells her that it's a family vacation.

Later, they stop in a gas station. Laura goes to a closest store to buy some snacks, but a boy steals her bog. Laura manages to get back her bag, but her parents have already left. Laura tries to find them, but gets lost. Laura then realizes that she's alone and decides to travel the country by herself. She finds a homeless boy, Johnny Mitchell, who has lost his parents. Laura offers to take him to his parents.

Meanwhile, Mary and Fred find out that Laura is missing and try to find her, but with no success. They decide to call the police. Laura and Johnny wander around the forest when they encounter a bear. The bear attacks Laura, but Johnny protects her. Laura thanks Johnny for saving her.

Laura and Johnny find his house. Johnny is reunited with his parents. Laura realizes how much the family is important and decides to find her family. Johnny and his parents offer to bring her back to her parents and they do. Johnny thanks Laura for helping him find his parents and Laura thanks him for taking her back to her parents. Johnny's family leaves. Laura apologizes to her parents for being selfish and promises to be more responsible. Laura and her family then continue their vacation.