250px-601 Kixx

Kixx is Jumba's 601'th experiment created with Hamsterville's funding. He also appears in "Cosmic Defense" as Angel's sidekick in the team. He is designed to be stronger than any other experiment.


He can't talk. He is strong, but stupid and you can lie him easy. He is ready for anything to save ladies or other good guys. He is strong detracted to hot dogs because of their smell. He can say only "I", "Naga neva quista","Hay, hay" and "Hot dog".


Angel (624)Edit

He loves her, but isn't close to her style - smart and fast (see - Holio is better for her) and he is stupid and strong - not a good match, but he'll like someone like Carmen (123).

Holio (606)Edit

He thinks they are best buddies, but he also knows that Holio has other friends too - Fibber, Nosy and Yaarp. We'll make an episode where he finds a friend like him.