Series Name
Season 1, Episode 101
Episode Guide
Emma comes Back!
After Summer Vacation, Zack and Cody still have nowhere to go for Collage. They will go to any lengths to go to a collage , then, they hear about a new collage Mr. Tipton made called Tipton University. They take the deal, and 1 week before the classes begin, Carey and Kurt take the boys to view the Collage. They learn Mr. Moseby is the prinical, and convives Zack to cause mischief. Moseby gets really angry, and jumps into the university's pool.

Meanwhile, Bailey finds out that she was the wrong Bailey, and returns to Kettlecorn. She is devasted, and really upset. Her mom tries to make her happy, but she keeps her away. Moose can't help, or anyone else. Then, she learns about Tipton University, and decides since that she has no choice, she decides to go. On her way, she meets London, and they go together.

The Boys go to different dorms, and Zack meets Alex. Cody meets someone just like him, and then that person has a serious accident, and leaves, leaving Cody alone. Meanwhile, Bailey and London arrive at Tipton University. Bailey meets Cody again, and rebegin thier relationship. Zack spots many girls and becomes a player again.

In the 1st day of school, Mr. Moseby reveals that Mr. Ronald Reg is the English Teacher. Also, Mrs. Tutweiller is the History Teacher. Everyone is in shock. Meanwhile, cloaked figures talk in a dark tunnel, and one in a grey Mask with a tube says " Begin Operation: Tipton . "