Area 51
Area 51 is a top secret miltary base located in Nevada. It is being currently covered up by the U.S Government, under the orders of the U.N. Its secrets may include...
  1. Time Travel/Telporting
  2. A new evil World Wide Order ( May or may not be U.N.)

It is confirmed in the Episode Meteorite Trouble pt. 1 that the base is real. Mr. Ronald Reg and members of The Society of Tipton attacked the base. Using unknown abilites, he took control over all the minds in the base. He also is revealed to have a brother, John Reg, who was a prisoner of Area 51. He left the base, and had many boxes, holding another piece of The Map, this time showing the location of a powerful meteorite. It was located at a secret cave near the University. The Cave is known as Tipton Dead Cave. It is possible that he took many machines, including ones found in an accident that happened many years before.

In the season finale, the gang is taken there. The President reveals Top Secret info, and beings the final battle using Spaceships from there.