250px-624 Angel

Angel appears in Cosmic Defense as the main character captain of her own team. She is Jumba's 624th experiment created with the funding of Hamsterville.


She is trained like a sergent and is almost always serious. She doesn't like jokes or traps or even hot dogs (the others from the team love them), but in episode "Funny Fun" when Elastico and PJ came to their base she had a lot of fun while PJ pranking Holio and Elastico saying jokes and doing funny things. However when they left she became serious again. She likes singing and dancing which remains her about the time with Stitch.


Holio (606)Edit

She likes him like a friend. They first met in the first episode "The Team". Their skills are fast and smart and that makes them close. In the second episode "Happy Holidays, Kixx" they had to fight together because Kixx was on a holiday. Of course the Leroys captured them. In the prison they said more about themselfs and then Kixx came and rescued them, but they never forgot this moment.

Kixx (601)Edit

They aren't best buddies, but in the episodes they become closer and closer.


  • Unlike the series it looks she doesn't know or remember Stitch
  • Unlike the others from the team she's serious for most things
  • She can talk